Tuition & Fees

At Bridges Christian College, each trimester is $2,200 (price excludes the cost of textbooks). However, after donations and grants, the out-of-pocket cost per student is only $200 per trimester! That makes the out-of-pocket cost per student only $600 per year!

Ecclesiastical Scholarship: Every student who is accepted into our degree programs qualifies for the “Ecclesiastical Scholarship” where, after donations and grants, the student’s out-of-pocket cost is only $200 per trimester. Students have to maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to keep the scholarship.

$100 One Time Application fee
$200 Per Trimester Technology Fee (Non-Refundable)
$2,000 Full-Time per Trimester Tuition (Before Scholarship). Every student receives a discounted tuition thanks to donations and grants.
$1050 Two Classes Tuition (Part-Time).
$525 One Class Tuition (Part-Time).
$100 Per Credit Hour Directed Research Fee
$75 Late Registration Returning Student Late Registration Fee (Academic Calendar)
$50 Late Payment Late Payment Fee
$75 One Time Graduation Fee

Audit Schedule of Expenses

$100 Per Trimester First Course
$200 Per Trimester Second Course
$300 Per Trimester Third Course
$400 Per Trimester Fourth Course 

*Part-time students must complete the application process before registering for classes.