Monastic vs. Scholastic


Monastic Style Learning is an apprenticeship in Christ-centered spirituality by experiencing and integrating truths in a biblically functioning community.


Practical Skills

Each learner comes alongside a spiritual leader and is actively engaged in various expressions of the kingdom of God, seizing the smallest details from various service opportunities.

Spiritual Depth

Praying intensely for God’s people alongside experienced leaders allows for a monastic style of learning by catching the mindsets and fundamentals of passionate prayer.

Intellectual Muscle

BCC will prepare one to interact within mainstream culture with intellectual precision, confidence and formidable Christ-like strength. Learners will develop serious approaches to study and application.

Creative Influence

Faculty members help students discover, explore and connect their spiritual gifts to God’s will. The faculty of BCC will be available to you after graduation to encourage and help apply your creativity for good and for God.

Collaborative Experience

A generation used to virtual experiences can also interact and problem-solve real world ministry challenges right now. Each student will experience the energy of working alongside others in collaborative learning environments.

Biblical Economics

Each graduate will move on to full time ministry or seminary with no encumbering personal debt. This monastic principle of simple living will help students respond to God’s call immediately upon graduation.