Journal of Biblical Pentecostalism ™

The Journal of Biblical Pentecostalism is an online, peer-reviewed, academic journal for scholars, pastors, and missionaries. It is offered free of charge by the faculty of Bridges Christian College as a service to the body of Christ.

However, one can donate to help continue the mission of the school and this journal. We greatly appreciate the support of churches and donors who believe in training future church leaders and missionaries. The following is the donation link: Donation Link

Mission Statement

  • The Journal of Biblical Pentecostalism presents biblical exegesis, ministerial training literature, and research of church history through a Pentecostal hermeneutic.


  • This Journal has the following goals.
    • To present exegesis of the Scriptures with a Pentecostal hermeneutic to help the church understand the Bible and its theological principles.
    • To demonstrate the unity of the Scriptures through intertextual interpretation of the Old Testament and New Testament.
    • To apply Scriptural principles to a Pentecostal, practical ministry environment.
    • To present research of the roots and traditions of the Pentecostal movement throughout church history.

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Recent Issue Link: Volume 2, Issue 3, Spring 2020-21

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Recent Issue Link: Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter 2020-21

Recent Issue Link: Volume 2, Issue 1, Fall 2020

Issue Link: Volume 1, Issue 1: Summer 2020